Services We Offer

Blasting Services

Media blasting

We have the ability to blast any surface we are presented with using several different types of media. By meeting with our customers we are able to grasp the desired finish; therefore, we choose the best form of media for their project.

Water blasting

Typical applications include coating removal, concrete cleaning, steel tanks, and automotive repair and restoration. This style of blasting allows us to keep thin metal cool to avoid warping. It’s also perfect for semi frames as it cleans wiring without any damage while removing rust and old paint.


We have 2 blast cabinets that are perfect for prepping smaller items for a new look. They provide a contained space and excellent visibility while blasting.

Professional Body Work and Painting

Body Work

We use years of experience to ensure each piece is brought back to its original condition.


Whether it be chip repair on a new vehicle, collision repair or a complete rebuild, our team makes it a priority to give you the best paint job out there! We also have pin stripping services available upon request.


With our high-end paint resources and special techniques we offer a very durable, long-lasting finish for ANY project! We are NACE-certified.

Truck and Trailer Repair

Semi and Heavy Duty Truck

We have technicians that can take of your Preventative Maintenance, basic repairs and clean up of your Heavy Duty and Semi trucks. Our goal is to have your truck back on the road as quickly as possible.

Trailers-Van, Flat Bed Dump, Tankers & Detach

We have technicians to care of your basic repair and maintenance needs. We strive to have your trailer ready for the road as quickly as possible.

DOT Inspections

We have qualified personnel to provide thorough DOT inspections for trucks and trailers. Inspections keep drivers safe which is top priority for us!